More About Us

At One Stop Office Supplies, we're more than just office products and stationery; we're about providing a business solution that reduces your costs and ensures continuity of supply for over 12,000 items spanning Furniture, IT Hardware, Facilities and Office Products.

We are a 100% Australian-owned, operated and located in Queensland on the Gold Coast and since our inception four short years ago we've become the fastest growing Office Products business in Australia without exception.

We attribute our growth to customers that clearly recognise the need for a business-to-business supplier locally situated on the Gold Coast, dedicated to pleasing the customer and a commitment to providing solutions that will reduce the costs of office products.

Office products is truly a simply business that for years has been over complicated by multinational foreign owned businesses that acquired once Australian owned profitable and successful businesses only to see them reduced to struggling and over complicated businesses that are now challenged with remaining relevant in a changing market.

We have been able to tailor our services to give customers what they need. Our team includes a range of specialists with experience including, but not limited to, office products, workplace fit-out and technical advice for the workplace. At One Stop Office Supplies, we’re committed to personal service, no matter where you work.

We began because of a need for an alternative. We exist today because of our loyal customers and we continue to grow rapidly because we are able to continually add true value in our market.